Tip Toey Joey - Alley Shoes (Whiskey / Pumice)

$45.00 $69.00

This little high barrel shoe features velcro for better fitting and also to make it easier for you to put it on your baby's feet. It also features elastic shoelaces to protect your baby and enable it to learn how to walk as if it was barefoot. Its original system stretch&stay™ holds your baby's feet and avoid the shoes to falling off when walking. 

• Original stretch&stay™ helps it hold on your baby's feet and avoids shoes from falling off
• Made of soft and light leather
• With a cute edge on the heel and leather lining which absorbs perspiration and keeps feet dry and "breathing". Fresh in summer, warm in winter
• The rubber sole is anatomic, non-slip and resistant, also has reinforced stitching.

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