Tip Toey Joey - Little Fairy Boots (Golden Light Suede)

$49.00 $93.00

This little suede metalized boot comes with a braid adornment for your little girl to shine everywhere she walks by. With a zipper closure its easy for moms to put in on her baby's feet making sure it stays warm and comfortable.

• Made of extra soft suede for and braid leather adornment

• With zipper closure, it gets easy to put it on
• With cute edge and leather lining, it absorbs perspiration and keeps the feet dry. Fresh in summer, warm in winter.
• The insole is made of natural rubber and lined leather. It is biodegradable, antibacterial and with memory effect that returns to the original form after use it.
• The Flex&grip ™ sole is flexible and non-slip. Protect while still giving that "barefoot feeling", to improve the balance and confidence in the first steps.

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